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It's hugely rewarding to receive such positive feedback from the lovely women I've been able to support. If you need fast and expert help with your own menopause / perimenopause symptoms, or simply want more information, please feel free to contact me.

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It was liberating to talk about issues that I have been avoiding for a long time. Dr Duffy was knowledgeable and approachable, i really appreciate her advice and am confident that she is accompanying me on my journey into the menopause.

Dr Duffy was extremely thorough and took a very holistic approach. She instantly put me at ease, listened to all my concerns and answered my questions. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with menopausal issues.

It was great to see someone who had time for me and took care to cover all aspects of my health and lifestyle. I never felt rushed and i felt in the centre of all decisions regarding my care. The consultation and information provided before hand was really useful and at last i feel i have a comprehensive plan rather than just bumbling through all the changes that have been occurring to me over the last few years.
In addition the waiting times to see Dr Duffy were not unduly long (compared to other clinics)and follow up appointments very easy to arrange as was the private prescription which was ordered and paid for through a link sent to my phone and delivered to my home the following day by DPD. I’m feeling very positive about the future.

It was a joy to be able to talk to an experienced specialist with such depth of knowledge face to face for a full hour. Dr Duffy listened with kindness and compassion, offered a clear set of options and gave me the positivity and reassurance that I desperately needed. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Blown away by the expertise of Dr Duffy. She joined up all the dots with regards to my symptoms and put me on track. Every woman needs access to this knowledge and I will be sending all my friends to her.

Felt so much better informed and therefore happier talking to Dr Alice - feel I have really started on the correct path to get my hormones back!

Honest real conversation from Dr Alice and above all this I felt heard! Ladies this interaction is the very best thing you can do for your health and self care during this journey.

I’m very grateful to Dr Duffy for identifying what I needed to help balance my hormones. I feel like a new person already . All women should have access to this knowledge.

I found Dr Duffy to be very kind, reassuring and engaged .I was so grateful to have quality time discussing my concerns and normalising the symptoms I have had for over two years .I valued our conversation and Dr Duffy's expertise . I would highly recommend Dr Duffy .

Health in Menopause is the second private clinic I've visited since my TVHBSO in 2019. As well as finally feeling listened to, my husband and I both appreciated the frank and open discussion instigated by Dr Duffy about my VA issues and loss of libido. As a young woman in surgical menopause there are many issues aside from the purely medical and Dr Duffy approached these sensitively and helpfully. I left the clinic feeling as though I'd actually been listened to for the first time in over 2 years. I've already recommended the clinic to several friends and will continue to do so.

Dr Duffy's knowledge was invaluable, she listened and put a plan to help in place which is exactly what was needed. It was so refreshing to speak with someone who understood and was a specialist in the field. Thank you so much.

Dr Alice is of course very professional and you feel very at ease talking with her. Everything was clearly and thoroughly explained to me, it wasn’t rushed or at all intimidating. How refreshing! Dr Alice was recommended to me and it was the best thing I had done with regards to menopause and me.

I only regret not making an appt sooner, I’m feeling so much more myself again now.

Dr Duffy was very informative, explained the intricacies of menopause very well. It is a bespoke individual service and I would recommend it to all women with symptoms of menopause.

It was so welcome to have one hour in a face to face consultation with Dr Duffy to discuss the menopause and HRT. I found it extremely beneficial and would recommend the same for any woman experiencing menopause. GPs generally seem to be ill-informed and in too much of a rush to be able to help unfortunately. I was once offered antidepressants by a GP to treat hot flushes. I was horrified by this and decided to try and manage naturally without realising the longer term health effects caused by my lack of oestrogen. Having the right information and support is critical and Dr Duffy provided both.

I have already recommended this no nonsense but kind and medically informed session to my friends. It was lovely just to have my symptoms taken seriously and to know I was not alone.

Straight forward to communicate with Dr Duffy, she was knowledgeable, patient and very professional. The journey has only just begun, but we are definitely on the right path, finally!

Having struggled with peri menopausal symptoms for years and not having access to a female GP who could give me the time to discuss my concerns regarding HRT I found the service provided by Dr Duffy extremely beneficial. With Dr Duffy you are talking to a female doctor who understands exactly what you are going through. Throughout the consultation the focus was on me and there were no distractions or feeling rushed through the appointment. My concerns were listened to and answered. A management plan was agreed and the whole consultation felt patient focused. The communication by means of correspondence post consultation was highly efficient and within 24 hrs of agreeing my treatment plan my medication had been prescribed, dispensed and delivered to my door with no issues what so ever. I would summarise the experience as excellent, reassuring & efficient. Dr Duffy provides the specialist service many women unfortunately do not have access too via their own GP practice.

It was a really informative experience and I felt listened to. Dr Duffy explained about research, my options and she was able to tell me the pros and cons of different treatments so that I could make an informed decision about what treatment options that I wanted to engage in. I felt totally at ease and I was very happy with the outcome.

Although I had researched the topic thoroughly before my appointment, Dr Duffy reassured me I wasn’t going crazy. It has been a tough few months of changes and she helped me to process and understand the changes my body is going through in plain English. She even made me laugh at the same time which was a very pleasant change to tears. Highly recommend Dr Duffy who approaches the issue with a ‘whole person’ approach which GP’s don’t have the time or knowledge to do. Very impressed.

Dr Duffy was extremely thorough and helpful, allowing me to access a more detailed level of care than my GP surgery is currently available to offer. This has made a massive positive difference to my health and wellbeing.

I feel very positive about the consultation I had. Dr Duffy was really helpful and I would thoroughly recommend Health in Menopause.

I found my video consultation with Dr Duffy extremely helpful. She allowed me the time to describe my particular circumstances as a disabled woman and then we fully discussed my options in terms of whether HRT might suit me and in what form. I was very impressed with how Dr Duffy explained everything and I now feel I understand the menopause and what is happening to my body much better. I’m very pleased that I chose to pay privately for this consultation with Dr Duffy who is very warm, attentive and personable. I would highly recommend Health in Menopause.

Dr Duffy was very easy to talk to and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her.

Within the hour long consultation I gained clarity on what the menopause means for me and feel confident that there is help to get me through it. This has saved me so much time and energy (which I don’t have) trying to muddle my way through the mountain of information that’s out there … time and money so well spent!

Dr Alice Duffy was absolutely wonderful she listened to my signs and symptoms, asked lots of questions, it was lighthearted and I felt very comfortable and that I had been listen to and not fobbed off like I had been at my own doctors…it was also nice to talk to someone that knew what I was on about from even the smallest of symptom..I come off from the appointment with a spring in my step and hope ….Alice Duffy give me lots of hints and tips and lots of websites to go it….I couldn’t thank her enough and have recommended her to a few of my friends who are also having issues with their local doctors.

To actually have someone spend time "just for you" to listen to how you are feeling today, have been feeling in the past and how you wish to feel in the future was amazing. Dr Duffy is the epitome of professionalism but with a true human ear. I cannot speak highly enough of her . I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to any woman who is struggling with the menopause.

Dr Alice was wonderful, she explained everything so well and helped me understand what was happening with my body and the stage I was at. I felt better straight away.

Dr Duffy, I can’t thank you enough for your time on Tuesday! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted after two years of struggling with my symptoms - my medication arrived within 24 hours and I’m starting to feel better already! I’m struggling to find the words to explain how grateful I am to you ……thank you sooooooooooo much!

Very impressive all round. Easy to book. Very friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. I felt listened to for the first time. Would highly recommend.

Dr Alice Duffy is absolutely AMAZING!! I only wish I had found her sooner!!! I had been suffering with menopausal symptoms for a number of years. My GP wasn’t listening and diagnosed me with depression. I became despondent . The symptoms progressively got worse - hot sweats, roller coaster moods, insomnia and alarming hair loss! I came across the Health in Menopause website and finally took the plunge to make the appointment ……and gosh, I was so impressed with Dr Duffy’s knowledge. She also has such a lovely manner which instantly made me feel at ease and relaxed - I felt like I was talking to a good friend rather than a doctor/ consultant. For the first time, I felt someone was really listening. Dr Duffy’s advice and reassurance injected with me confidence, I immediately agreed to the treatment. My HRT arrived within 2 days by courier!! Overall a fantastic experience - I feel hopeful, excited and positive! Already looking forward to my follow-up appointment. Thank you Dr Duffy - what a find!!

My appointment with Dr Duffy was the antithesis of my own doctor.
She was understanding , patient, expertly knowledgable and showed great. empathy with my symptoms. She listened to my history took relevant medical details and ensured I understood what was happening to my body and why before discussing some options that I could try.
The prescription was with me in 48 hours and actually costs less than herbal treatment I had been taking before but to lessening effect.
I cannot recommend her highly enough wether you need answers, reassurance, medication or all three.

My appointment with Dr Alice Duffy was everything I hoped it would be. She put my mind to rest with her knowledge and understanding. She gave me the reassuring advice that I had been seeking to start my HRT journey. Wish I had contacted her years ago.

Dr Duffy was kind, friendly, relaxed and understanding. Her explanations were well pitched to be easily understandable but not condescending, and she was open and welcoming of questions throughout. The length of the appointment meant that there was no hurry and things that I remembered (often randomly!) part way through the consultation could be addressed. By the end of the consultation I felt both reassured and hopeful. The prescription arrived promptly (it was a bit like Christmas!) as did the post consultation notes.

I wish I had made an appointment a long time ago and although I don't know how things will turn out, I feel that this has been a very positive start and have already recommended Dr Duffy to friends who are in the same position.

Very useful sound advice. It was great to discuss my options with someone knowledgeable and understanding.

Having struggled with worsening Perimenopausal symptoms for the last 18 months, I wanted to have more than a 5 minute GP consultation to discuss options. A friend recommended Dr Duffy, so I booked a consultation and despite it being a video consultation she immediately made me feel at ease. I felt the consultation was extremely thorough, with a clear explanation of symptoms and treatment options. I was so relieved to have had the time to discuss everything in detail and now feel excited at the prospect of getting back to a more "normal" me. Amazingly, after just under 1 week of starting on HRT I have already noticed an improvement in my symptoms, with a reduction in hot flushes and night sweats and more importantly I had the best nights sleep that I have had for at least 18 months. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Duffy!

I was recommended to Health in Menopause by my Physiotherapist - and have already recommended to more than 1 person. To speak to somebody who totally understands what you are going through - and that we all encounter different challenges - but who manages to normalise this - is worth their weight in gold! Just talking to her really helped.

I found that to me it was the first time that anyone properly listened to me. I was made to feel that I was important, my needs were important and that help was available. I have recommended my sister to get in touch and I am not one to normally recommend anything. Everything about my consultation was exceptional. Dr Alice Duffy was so easy to talk too and made me feel comfortable enough to talk about everything. So grateful to her.

I was initially very apprehensive about this appointment following many disappointing appointments with my GP where I was brushed off and dismissed and not offered any help. It was such a relief to finally be listened to and to find a medical practitioner with such experience, knowledge and understanding. In addition, Dr Duffy has great empathy and a cracking sense of humour (which always helps, especially when discussing some intimate symptoms) and at the end of this first consultation I felt a massive sense of relief and also hopeful that at last someone was able to help alleviate some of the awful symptoms I had been suffering for a long time.

Amazing to have a frank and honest conversation and to explore all the options - never felt rushed or uncomfortable . Wish I had done it a year ago

Thank you Dr Alice, it was quite a relief to speak to you. I thought you listened and took on board all my comments . I learned a lot from your wisdom and it helped ease my worries. Many thanks.

I can’t thank Dr Alice Duffy enough. She was very professional in her approach and managed to put me at ease within the first couple of minutes. It’s early days but for the first time in nearly a year my headaches have eased and I feel so positive. Thank you!

Best money I have ever spent! I could chat to Dr Alice all day, what a really lovely lady. I have put a recommendation out on Facebook so expect to be inundated by everyone I know! I will also be booking an appointment for my mother-in-law as a treat to help get her sorted too :)

Such a relief after many years knowing my symptoms were related to hormonal changes for a professional to validate this for me. I had been told by various GPS that it was PMT and basically to manage it, that HRT causes increased risk of stroke etc. It all felt like a maze of information and that all my options were risky and difficult to make happen. I loved the swiftness involved in making an appointment and getting treatment. I have been taking the estrogen gel for a few days now and already feel more balanced. Discussing this issue with Dr Duffy opened me into a much better understanding of what is happening as I navigate the perimenopause and I've since done some research on the treatment and feel really hopeful it will continue to make a big difference. Thank you !

A really positive experience that I have already recommended to most of my friends, even the ones who are much younger, so they’re prepared!
Dr Duffy was great, easy to talk to and I felt listened to and understood. She is clearly very knowledgeable about menopause and HRT and it was really interesting discussing this with her.
My prescription arrived within 24hrs, no hassle at all.
An absolutely worth while investment in staying healthy and happy!

My video consultation was extremely informative and Dr Duffy put me instantly at ease. It was easy to discuss varied personal issues and I found her to be knowledgeable and thorough. I have since had a follow-up telephone consultation and feel very reassured that I am receiving the best care. I now feel positive and in control of my menopause journey.

Friendly and approachable, informative and sensitive, with a healthy dose of humour!

Alice is amazing - I felt listened to and understood. I now feel reassured that I have a professional that can advise and help me through my menopause journey

Alice was incredible. Friendly, put me at ease immediately. She is incredibly knowledgeable and treats you like a friend. Her advice is clear, practical and easy to understand. She also understood the way I felt and made me feel normal. Thank you so much!

Dr Duffy really knows her “stuff”. All options considered are backed up by information and facts. She is very easy to talk to and making you feel at ease.

Dr Duffy”s knowledge & passion about women’s health left me feeling very positive about the future.

I am in a facebook group and a lady kindly recommended Dr Alice Duffy. I was hesitant as I'd never used private healthcare before and it is a financial commitment.
From the first moment of the call Alice was friendly, understanding and knowledgeable. To have such genuine holistic interest in your condition is worth the commitment, and Alice works with my GP to get the best care for me.
Thank you so much.

So happy with my consultation, I felt better already for speaking to Alice,
she was so understanding and reassuring & just what I needed.
I have already recommended to all my friends!!
Thanks Alice xxx

From the moment I came face to face with Dr Alice Duffy on my laptop I felt like she had taken hold of both my hands and didn’t let go until the call ended. Its rare to feel such an immediate affinity with someone you have never met, particularly when faced with talking about something so personal.
Not only did I feel understanding and empathy, she normalised my issues and I feel sure that with her guidance I can make some real progress.

Dr Duffy really listened and actively asked lots of questions about my circumstances, history and how my symptoms are affecting me. This enabled her to design an intervention program tailored specifically to me. It was such a relief to be taken seriously by a health professional for a change. Although I've only been on the treatment program for a few days, I am already noticing benefits to my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Thank you so much!

I am so glad that I took the plunge and made the appointment with Alice. It was a virtual appointment. Alice was lovely to talk to. I didn’t feel embarrassed talking about more personal details and I felt completely at ease. Everything was explained simply and I’m thankful to know that I am not going crazy. If you’re not sure of your symptoms and your GP is not listening then please don’t suffer any longer and book an appointment. It will be the best decision you will make for yourself.

A very friendly and professional service throughout. Alice listened, responded to everything I told her and took a holistic perspective of my health and well being. She helped me feel at ease and the experience was really positive. Thank you so much.

I can highly recommend Health in Menopause and Dr. Duffy. It was a wonderful consultation and also the overall service too. Dr. Duffy was incredibly professional and knowledgeable, but also very kind and understanding. I also called the office and spoke to Lisa who was very helpful and friendly too, and got back to me very efficiently with a query I had.
I received my prescription through the post within 2 days of the consultation.
A wonderful service from start to finish, from all involved!

Dr Duffy was very thorough, helpful and understanding and takes a holistic approach.

It was great to have that 1 to 1 support and to be really listened to. Dr Duffy is highly trained and thorough in her approach something you don’t get in a 5 min appointment with a general GP. I would highly recommend this service.

Excellent, professional service and I have already recommended to a friend !

Alice was amazing. I only wish I’d found her years ago.

I felt extremely at ease. I felt I was able to talk freely with absolute honesty and was given non-judgemental, sound and very friendly advice back! Highly recommend Dr Alice Duffy!

I feel really pleased and relieved to have found Dr Duffy and the clinic. It was great to be able to have an online consultation. I didn't feel that this was any less useful than face to face. Dr Duffy was so friendly and knowledgeable and I came away feeling confident and keen to go off and find out more. I couldn't wait for my prescription to arrive!

I felt really at ease talking to you, thank you, and able to share things that I never would normally talk about. That meant a lot to me and I’m excited to begin my new treatment and hopefully feel well again and have more energy.